"Smyslography" analytical agency has released a mobile application.

15 June 2018

"Smyslography" analytical agency has released a mobile application.

Specialists of Smyslografia analytical agency (part of AGT Communication Group) have developed their own mobile application to investigate the media field. Interested people can already download it on the AppStore and Google Play.

Olga Vasilieva, general director of Smyslography agency comments: "The idea of creating a service based on the idea of creating a service that significantly simplifies and speeds up the daily work with information. The "Smyslography" application is an alternative to several products that we provide to our clients every day: monitoring, digests, sending out important news, statistics. With it, our customers will be able to monitor the position of their company in the media field, receive notifications about the most important news, will be aware of all the major events in the industry. All this will take no more than 5 minutes a day. A distinctive feature of our application is that the data presented in it- are processed by the analysts of the agency, which excludes irrelevant content and incorrect estimates. We make a unique product according to the needs of each of our customers."

In the demo version of the application you can see its approximate functionality. As a sample, the theme of FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia as an object of attention of foreign media was chosen. In addition to the materials on the organization of the event itself, the appendix contains reviews of foreign journalists about Russian host cities and the specifics of their stay in Russia. Also in the reviews you will find exclusive opinions of sports experts, coaches and athletes who have not been reflected in the Russian media.

The statistics presented in the appendix reflect the level of benevolence of foreign media in the context of coverage of the World Cup in Russia. The sample included 30 most influential foreign media out of 16 countries. The information will be updated once a week.

Download to GooglePlay goo.gl/VcPytP

Download to AppStore goo.gl/dCPmBB