AGT organized the work of Russian stand at the IT exhibition CEBIT-2018 in Hanover.

19 June 2018

AGT organized the work of Russian stand at the IT exhibition CEBIT-2018 in Hanover.

AGT communication agency organized the work of the collective Russian stand at the CEBIT-2018 business-innovation and digital technologies festival. Nine domestic companies came to the exhibition in German Hanover with the support of the Russian Export Center. They presented their development: ServiceSoft, Fibrum, Immergity, Multimedia Technologies Lab, Human +, TAU Tracker, Korbit, Antilatency and Etton.

From 11 to 15 June, CEBIT-2018 visitors showed unique Russian developments in such areas as virtual reality, telecommunications, Internet of things, computer games. In addition, programs for video editing, collection and analysis of large volumes of information and personnel control were presented. Innovative solutions were appreciated by many experts who visited Russian stand.

"Half of the exhibitors at the Russian stand touch upon the theme of virtual reality. Interesting developments are presented in such a direction as IT outsourcing. This service could be in demand in Germany, which is now aimed at digitalization, but they lack their specialists in this field, "said Janis Pursanov, the leading expert of Trade Representative of Russian Federation in Germany.

During the CEBIT-2018, representatives of Russian companies held several important negotiations with representatives of European and Asian companies. Oral agreements were reached on further cooperation with representatives of India and Iran, who expressed a desire to cooperate with domestic companies in all areas represented at the exhibition.

The collective exposition is organized within the framework of AGT cooperation with Russian export center in terms of promoting Russian non-primary export potential at foreign exhibitions and congresses.