Loud start of the Silver Archer award - the North-West: an interview with Yana Alekseeva, Executive Director of the Silver Archer award - the North-West.

27 March 2019

This year, for the first time, there was a ceremony of awarding the federal prize in the field of PR "Silver Archer" at the level of the North-West macroregion. Why did you decide to go to the regional level?

Indeed, historically, the Silver Archer regional contests network covered almost all regions of the country, in 2010 the Silver Archer competition was established - the USA, in 2015 the Silver Archer competition was established - the Czech Republic and only in 2018 was A decision was made to hold the Prize stage in the North-West Federal District. St. Petersburg can rightly be called one of the Russian PR-capitals. The professional community and a large number of professional competitions are very developed here. And the holding of the Silver Archer Award - the North-West allows us to study now the cross-section of the professional activity of the entire region, more fully and objectively judge the communication community in Russia as a whole.

How do you evaluate the results of the first Silver Archer Award - the North-West? Are there any unexpected results?

The first Prize application campaign has already demonstrated a high activity of the professional community and projects. This year, the Silver Archer - the North-West demonstrated the highest among all the regional awards - more than 120 applications and more than 90 projects admitted to the correspondence stage of the Jury members' assessments. The face-to-face stage demonstrated the professionalism of communicators and the high level of projects as a whole, new tools and new ways of solving communication tasks. It is significant that the three projects of the North-West region were on the shortlist of the National Prize, and the project that won the first prize of the Silver Archer Award was the North-West “Country of Others. Children ”of the media group“ Western Press ”won the nomination“ The Best Project in the Field of Charity ”at the final defenses in Moscow. I think this is a good start, which allows us to confidently predict in the next season an even greater number of applications for the Award and the new “Archers” for the pr-specialists of the North-Western District.

Which regional features have you noted among the projects submitted for the Award?

First of all, there is a high interest and activity of communicators in the sphere of development and promotion of territories and charity. It was in these nominations that the largest number of applications were submitted for the Prize, and the submitted projects are really very strong. Often, projects even combined these two directions in one work. And, of course, the masterful use of digital technology. Particularly revealing are the projects that were represented by the St. Petersburg bloggers community. The short list includes three joint community projects that were implemented jointly with different companies - in the nomination "Development and Promotion of the Territories" the project "Opening the Silver Necklace"; in the nomination “Corporate Social Responsibility” - the project “Springs of the Leningrad Region” together with Komsomolskaya Pravda in St. Petersburg, in the nomination “Digital-projects” - the project “Discovering the Leningrad Region” together with the Newspaper Metro St. Petersburg. All three projects are very strong, interactive and very clearly demonstrate the characteristics of the region, the scope of attention and interest of communicators in the region.

What is the communications market in Russia today? Does the North-West go in the all-Russian trends, or are there directions where we are ahead of our colleagues in other regions, or are we lagging behind them?

We have said earlier that St. Petersburg and the North-West District correlate in level with metropolitan regions. I think the development and promotion of territories should be called the main trend of the North-Western Okrug. Both the professional community and the residents of the North-West District as a whole very reverently honor and protect the special historical memory of places, the cultural heritage entrusted to them. Accordingly, this gives rise to bright communication projects that are aimed at increasing tourist interest and the attractiveness of the region for both compatriots and foreigners. So, in the nomination won the “Military history festival“ Forgotten feat - Second Shock Army ”” from the Creative Association “Forgotten feat”, a project that is unique in the field of geo-branding and showed not only good performance over the past year, but also development prospects project in the future. This is important, as it demonstrates the focus of specialists on long-term, deep projects. In the same nomination, the Russia Novgorod Tourist Office demonstrated strong results. It presented an interesting project to comprehensively promote the brand of Veliky Novgorod in several areas: creating an attractive image of the region, improving the economic and political image of the region, and developing interregional and international cooperation. This is a wonderful trend in the field of communications - love and respect for the native land.

Which nominations have become a discovery for you?

It is difficult to compare different nominations with each other due to different communication tasks. But I would especially like to mention the nomination “Intracorporate communications”. Traditionally, this is one of the most difficult nominations, because you have to work with one of the most difficult audiences - employees of the company, who are also translators of ideas and brand values. Therefore, it is very important to correctly build communication inside, this directly affects the performance of the company as a whole. In connection with these features it is very interesting to consider projects implemented in this industry. The project of the winners in the nomination “Intracorporate communications” “The philosophy of LIVING for employees” Lenstroytrest Group of Companies clearly demonstrates this thesis. For several years, Lenstroytrest Group of Companies has carried out work on the construction of large new projects in the framework of the LIVING business philosophy. The company also decided to transmit the values ​​of the business of Philosophy through a system of internal relationships and specific cases. The company's approach to working with clients is identical to the relationship with its own employees: respect, informing, opportunities, care, and the most important aspect: organizing processes to meet different needs.

I was also impressed by the defense of the finalist of AGD DIMONDS JSC, who presented one of the traditional tools of intracorporate PR, the corporate publication Diamonds of Pomorye. With the help of a competent communication strategy, the publication has gained popularity both among the company's employees and the external audience; Attendance of the corporate site, in particular, the page with the “Diamonds of Pomerania” is steadily increasing). The authors note that the newspaper is carefully read by representatives of supervisory and regulatory bodies.

Expert's opinion: Oleg Tikhomirov, Deputy Chairman of the North-West Bank Sberbank PJSC: “We began to cooperate with one of the oldest enterprises in the exploration, exploration, mining and processing of minerals AGD Diamonds not long ago, but we already understand that this partnership can be as effective as possible for both parties. Thanks to such awards as the Silver Archer, we observe how our partners are developing in various fields. Public relations is certainly one of the leading areas of work of any company. And in large - it is also the development of internal communications. The fact that our customers invest a lot of time and effort in this suggests that we are moving along the same path, looking in the same direction. ”

Market openness is one of the most important indicators of its maturity. How would you rate the openness of the Russian market?

Indeed, market openness is one of the priorities for many professional organizations. And now Russia is at the stage of active development of the sphere. On the one hand, there are already openness peculiar to developed markets, a high level of services provided, as well as the degree of development of trust among stakeholders, and at the same time the development potential is still very high.

How will the North-West communications market develop in the future? What main trends, in your opinion, will appear in the near future?

Of course, one of the main trends is the active use of digital technologies, which is already very noticeable in the examples of the work of the participants of the first Silver Archer Award - the North-West. At the events of the Silver Archer Award - North-West, the Chairman of the Jury, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the AGT communication group Vyacheslav Lashchevsky, noted that digital is now an integral part of almost any pr-campaign and it is no longer possible to single it out as a separate direction. Also, one of the key trends is the active development of Corporate Social Responsibility and Charity projects. It is difficult to predict exactly how the year 2019 will turn out, but I think that one can safely say that the projects will be more multi-format and large-scale.

What does the holding of professional awards bring for the development of the communications market?

Of course, first of all, this is a great opportunity to announce your project to the entire professional community of Russia. For one reason or another, really interesting communication projects may not receive proper attention. And such sites are a great opportunity to make people know and talk about you. In our field of activity is important. Secondly, it is an excellent platform for sharing experiences. Many of our participants noted after the events of the Prize that they had armed themselves with new working tools.

Source material: "Expert North-West".