"AGT-Siberia" launched a direction for working with influenzers.

23 April 2019

"AGT-Siberia" announced the launch of the digital direction. In addition to the development and implementation of integrated strategies for the presence of companies on the Internet, the team relies on new mechanics for the market to work with opinion leaders when their participation in brand campaigns is supported by targeted advertising.

The direction will be leaded by Andrei Shavnev, in the past - the director of marketing cooperative "Kalina-Malina." One of the achievements was the digitalization of the project. Most of the PR and advertising activities were transferred to the Internet: an online store was created and is developing, social networks and targeted advertising have become an important sales channel. The successful discovery and recognition of the project's shops in Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk were provided only with digital tools. He received the Silver Archer Award - Siberia in the nomination “Marketing Communications” for the project of the development of the local cuisine cafe “Sena Stog”. In addition, Shavnev developed the Sibdepo Internet portal, was engaged in journalism and PR in the structures of the Siberian Business Union holding.

Elena Gudyno, General Director of AGT-Siberia: “The uniqueness of our approach is that we are creating a new system of placements for micro and nano - influensers for the market. It allows you to quickly and accurately, based on dozens of parameters, select opinion leaders and bloggers for clients' tasks, create the necessary tone of communications, and launch projects quickly. These will be native placements among living people, the level of confidence in such information is extremely high. It is also important that we can achieve the desired results through the promotion of publications with advertising tools of social networks.”

AGT-Siberia has already formed a pool of opinion leaders in Novosibirsk within the framework of the new direction. Now with the agency on an exclusive basis, more than 50 bloggers work with a total coverage of more than a million Novosibirsk citizens. In general, the base contains about 500 bleachers. An agency team within a few hours can pick up opinion leaders even for narrow topics and complex products.

Andrei Shavnev, head of digital projects at AGT-Siberia: “We understand that influensers are an effective communication channel and our approach and expertise will allow us to achieve the necessary and measurable results in terms of marketing and communication tasks. Now in the Novosibirsk region, more than a million people use social networks, and we have the mechanics to deliver the necessary messages to everyone. ”

Projects with bloggers are increasingly becoming part of marketing and PR campaigns, but do not give the desired results due to many factors, the main of which is the lack of expertise among companies and a mechanic for working with opinion leaders. It is precisely this market problem that is planned to be addressed in AGT-Siberia.

Yegor Egoshin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AGT-Siberia Communication Agency: “Working with local opinion leaders is an uptrend today. Examples of successful integration of nano-bloggers in PR and marketing communications already exist in the markets of Europe and the USA. Moreover, on the eve of the holding of Rupert Murdoch launched the agency for working with microinfluencers “The Fifth” and offers their services along with placement in classical media. Not a single serious PR campaign in the Western markets is now complete without bloggers and opinion leaders. This is a successful experience, equal to which we create our project. We will help our clients effectively solve communication tasks through this tool. ”


AGT-Siberia has been working in Novosibirsk since 2005. The agency has successful experience in implementing large-scale PR campaigns, PR-outsourcing, organizing special events, as well as other projects and services in the field of mass communications. Coca-Cola companies, Gazprom, 3M, Megafon, SGK, Electronic City, INVITRO, FIT Service, Skolkovo Foundation, Rostelecom are among the agency’s clients. In addition, AGT-Siberia is the organizer of PR-events in Siberia - the “Silver Archer” Prize - Siberia and the “Pear” marketing conference on marketing communications.