AGT organized a press tour of leading Russian and foreign media to the WorldSkills World Championship in Kazan.

2 September 2019

AGT organized a press tour of leading Russian and foreign media to the WorldSkills World Championship in Kazan.

AGT ensured the work of the Russian block of the international media center of the 45th WorldSkills World Championship, held in Kazan on August 22-27, 2019.

The Championship of Professional Excellence in Kazan is called the main international event held in Russia in 2019. It brought together more than 3,000 young professionals and experts from 63 countries. The championship venue for the week was visited by several hundred thousand guests from Russia and foreign countries, including the heads of government and individual regions.

The start of the championship during the ceremony was announced by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The culmination of the spectacular closing of the competition was the speech of President Vladimir Putin, during which he, in particular, noted: “Russia for the first time held competitions of the best professionals on the planet. And it became the largest and most representative in the history of the movement, a bright, unforgettable sight, where all conditions were created for a fair and just fight. ”

As part of the organized press tour, AGT provided the work of more than 60 journalists from 45 leading federal Russian media, as well as 12 foreign media from Iran, Morocco, Mongolia, Serbia, and the CIS countries. In total, more than 1000 journalists worked at the championship.

Significant influencers of runet visited the championship: the famous translator and blogger Dmitry Puchkov (Goblin) and TV presenter Julia Baranovskaya. They took part in the championship ceremonies, visited the venues of the competition, including the FutureSkills championship (one of the priority initiatives of the WorldSkills Russia Movement aimed at advanced training of personnel for high-tech production in a transforming economy).

During the work, interviews and press approaches to Russian and foreign respondents were organized; logistics and escort of journalists, interpretation and translation. The volume of written translation of press center materials (media kit, press releases, inquiries, announcements, announcements, partner news, instructions and other materials) from Russian into English and from English into Russian amounted to more than 98 translation sheets (more than 177 thousand characters of the text).

Reporting photos and videos of the championship events were organized: opening and closing ceremonies, participants' work on the competition venues, business program events, interviews and press approaches, rewarding of participants, video filming of the team meeting at Moscow's Domodedovo airport at the end of the WorldSkills championship in Kazan. All photos and videos were promptly provided by the media.

During the work of the press center, more than 25 press releases were prepared and issued. Distribution was carried out on the basis of the Russian media (more than 2500 addresses), as well as on the pool of publications accredited to the event (more than 70 addresses).

The result of the weekly work was the release of more than 9 thousand publications (including more than 6 thousand in the regional media. In total, from August 1, 2019, more than 14 thousand publications were published on the championship topic.