AGT organized a collective booth at ISPO Munich 2020.

6 February 2020

AGT organized a collective booth at ISPO Munich 2020.

From January 26 to 29, the largest international exhibition of sports goods and technologies ISPO Munich 2020 was held in Munich, where domestic light enterprises presented the latest outdoor segment production technologies at the Russian Outdoor Village collective exposition organized with the support of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade.

In pavilion A1, where the world leaders of the outdoor industry are traditionally located, 31 Russian companies presented their products. On an area of ​​330 sq.m, manufacturers demonstrated technological clothes, shoes, hats and accessories, innovative fabrics and insulation, as well as equipment and materials.

Every year, the exhibition is visited by tens of thousands of people - production leaders, retail chains, retailers, professional athletes, trainers, instructors and other who are not indifferent to this area. Industry professionals come to the exhibition to find new business partners. The meetings held here are aimed at resolving not only issues of private business, but also the possibility of international cooperation with the participation of the state.

So, at the Russian Outdoor Village booth, AGT employees organized and held negotiations between representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, the Trade Representation of Russia in Germany and Manuel Pauser, manager of relations with international authorities of Adidas.

During the meeting, the parties considered the emerging barriers to the import of Adidas products in the context of introducing labeling of light industry products and their possible solutions. One of the options for the successful sale of brand products in the Russian market is the possible localization of the company's production directly on the territory of our country.

In addition, a delegation met with Killtec CEO Markus Killer at the exhibition, during which the parties identified the common interests of Russian enterprises and the German company. In particular, the possibility of placing Killtec orders for the production of some products at Russian factories was considered. To accomplish this task, the employees of the Trade Representation of Russia will soon begin to hold consultations that will lead to mutually beneficial cooperation between the German company and Russian manufacturers, noted at the meeting.

The AGT team formed a business program and organized individual meetings for the participants of the collective stand. As a result, over the 4 days of the exhibition, the exhibitors held a total of about 600 negotiations with partners from Lithuania, Poland, China, Turkey and India, Austria, Germany, Taiwan, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Spain, Finland, Portugal, Pakistan, Italy, Japan, including companies such as: E-connexion, EE progress, Ziener, Supreme Contacts GmbH, Eisbar, Falke, Rathgeber, Amazon, Juki, Fila, Fissher, Joma, Woolona, ​​SJ Global Korea, Coloro.

The main issues of the meetings were: the development and creation of collections in Russia for foreign brands, the purchase of equipment and fabrics, cooperation in questions of entering the EU market, the purchase of methodological publications, and the purchase of Russian-made products by foreign retail chains and distributors.

As part of the implementation of the PR-campaign, the media person Natalya Ragozina, the world-famous Russian athlete, the absolute world champion in boxing, who today heads the Amateur Women's Hockey League, was involved.

Natalya got acquainted with the capabilities of Russian companies, saw new products and supported the participants of the collective exposition at ISPO Munich 2020. Following the meeting, Natalya spoke about the Russian brands she chooses. According to her, many companies today have advanced far in the outdoor segment - they are constantly improving their designs to create a high-tech product. One of these brands is Forward, with which Natalia Ragozina has been cooperating for a long time.