AGT told about the trend for the merging of communications and urbanistics

11 May 2017

AGT told about the trend for the merging of communications and urbanistics

A top project manager of AGT communication agency, Andrei Polyakov, had a speech at the annual international conference of AKMR "The role of communications and corporate media in the strategic management of the company." The theme of the report was "Changing the urban environment via communication". In a joint presentation with the partner of the architectural bureau "Praktika" Grigory Guryanov, it was about how in recent years, communications and urban planning are beginning to unite in a frame of a rapid increase in the attention of the state and the public to urban landscaping, giving birth to a new type of expertise and opening a new market for communication agencies.

Participation in projects to change the urban environment is a great way for companies to solve several tasks at once: to improve GR communications, to properly use the CSR budget, to increase the company's mentionability and to promote anti-crisis communications. The thesis was proved by the example of the park reconstruction project in the city of Gagarin, Smolensk region, which was initiated and implemented by AGT communication agency in the frame the communications project of the woodworking company EGGER. The successful development of the park reconstruction project allowed the park to be built from a private initiative to a state one - this year the city authorities managed to get a grant within the framework of the federal program for the improvement of the urban environment.

"The theme of the urban environment, urban planning and improvement is more urgent than ever before, on the eve of the World Cup, which will be held in our country in 2018. Officials of the highest rank call the town-planning revolution in Russian cities a priority project for the next decade, only in 2017 tens of billions of rubles will be allocated for the National Project "Housing and Communal Services and Urban Environment". Projects and initiatives for the improvement of Russian cities are emerging everywhere, and a whole generation of young niche specialized agencies has emerged that work at the interface between architecture and communication. A huge undeveloped market is avaluable for well-known and established communication agencies, to which some of them are just starting to go, "- said Andrei Polyakov.

The city of Gagarin park project is not the only case related to architecture in AGT portfolio. So, this year the agency is already the second time the operator of an architectural competition for the Swiss company SIKA. This year, the All-Russian student competition Sika Awards Russia is dedicated to the development of stadium projects of the future.