5G was tested in Hermitage

31 May 2018

5G was tested in Hermitage

AGT Communications Agency provided information support to the joint Partner project of "Rostelecom", the State Hermitage and Ericsson on launching the pilot zone of new generation 5G network.

The State Hermitage, Rostelecom and Ericsson launched on the territory of the General Staff of the Hermitage the experimental zone of new generation 5G communication network. The launch ceremony was attended by General Director of the Hermitage Mikhail Piotrovsky, First Vice-President of Rostelecom Vladimir Kirienko and Ericsson President in Russia Sebastian Tolstoy.

Rostelecom acts as a telecommunications operator of the project - the company provided necessary radio frequencies and technological infrastructure for the creation of 5G network. Ericsson provides necessary set of technical solutions for 5G, their implementation and integration, and the Hermitage has provided a platform for testing the network.

In a specially prepared exposition zone, the General Staff presented possible directions for using of new generation networks in the museum business, in particular, in restoration. With the help of a remote-controlled robot, the modern copy of the sculpture from the collection of the Hermitage was cleaned from the composition applied to it. Removal of surface contaminants is one of the most common restoration processes. The minimal delay in data transfer makes it possible to work remotely at any distances in real time. The required parameters can only provide technology 5G.

On the basis of the remote-controlled robot, it is possible to produce not only remote restoration, but also distance training of restorers with the help of special devices.

To ensure the effect of presence in both cases, a camera with a viewing angle of 360 degrees was used, and the 4K video stream it took was transmitted to the virtual reality glasses. As a result, the effect of presence near the art object is created. For remote control of devices, uninterrupted high-quality data transmission at high speeds and instantaneous network response are required. The required parameters can only provide technology 5G.

"... 5G technologies open a lot of opportunities for the development of smart cities, smart production, smart buildings, connected services and the sphere of culture. Thanks to the introduction of new technologies, there will be such usage scenarios and business models that can not even be imagined now, "said Sebastian Tolstoy, the head of Ericsson in Russia.

5G is a new generation of standards for radio systems and network architecture that supports high data transfer rates and processing of large volumes of traffic, ultra-reliable low-latency connections and mass connectivity of Internet devices for a wide variety of social development tasks. The 5G standard should become one of the supporting technologies in the digital economy.