The first round of the international cross-cultural program "Follow Up Siberia!" was finished.

1 June 2018

The first round of the international cross-cultural program "Follow Up Siberia!" was finished.

In Norilsk, the first stage of the international cross-cultural project "Follow Up Siberia!", implemented by Norilsk Nickel with the organizational and information support of the AGT, was completed. As a result of the contest of the same name in social networks, 7 participants from countries such as Egypt, India, Serbia, Lebanon, Finland and Canada visited the Siberian cities of Norilsk and Dudinka.

The participants of the tour faced the task of getting acquainted with the life of Siberian cities, with their cultural traditions and modern achievements. On the eve of the XXI World Winter Universiade 2019 in Krasnoyarsk, participants of the international project, visiting various cities of the Siberian region, open the world to modern Siberia - technological, sporting and hospitable.

The key event of the first round of the project was the international curling tournament WCT Arctic Curling Cup 2018 in the mixed dubbs discipline, traditionally held in Dudinka on the world's northernmost ice arena "Taimyr". 10 teams from different countries took part in the tournament. Russia was represented by the famous curler Anastasia Bryzgalova in a pair with Alexei Timofeev.

During the breaks between the games, the foreign guests of the project talked with the world champions in curling and the young participants of the Junior Arctic Cup, passed the first curling training in their life under the direction of Veniamin Bezruki, a pupil of the Dudin boarding school, and also checked their strength in a specially organized tournament , taking the final place in honorable 2 place.

In addition, during the trip, the project participants had time to visit excursions in several museums and high-tech industries, pass a ceremony of dedication to the Taymyr people and receive certificates of crossing the Arctic Circle, see the polar day and snow in May.

From the first day of the tour the Taimyr guests were accompanied by the crew of the media partner of the project - the international television channel Euronews. The material received during the filming will become the basis of the TV program, in which viewers around the world learn about modern Siberia and how the attitude of the project's heroes to it has changed, how many years of persistent stereotypes have been destroyed, and how the representatives of different cultures and countries have come to love this region wholeheartedly.

The group of international guests was accompanied by volunteers from Norilsk, who passed their own training program for Norilsk Nickel to work at the Winter Universiade 2019.

The main thing that travelers have learned from this trip is - in Siberia live cheerful, open and friendly people who conduct vivid sports events, appreciate their traditions and always welcome guests.

The winners of the next round will be determined at the end of June, and the trip will take place in August. This time, guests will meet one of the largest cities in Siberia - Krasnoyarsk, which in 2019 will host the XXIX World Winter Universiade.

"Follow up Siberia!" Is an international cross-cultural program based on a creative online competition designed to acquaint the world with modern Siberia and to form stable intercultural ties on the basis of the XXIX World Winter Universiade 2019 in Krasnoyarsk. Any inhabitant of the planet can become a participant of the contest. The essence of the creative contest is to perform the following task: to shoot a video or make a series of photos on the topic "The Corner of Siberia in my city", which will reflect the participant's ideas about Siberia, and post materials on social networks with the hashtag #FollowUpSiberia. A virtual map on the site of the project will show the existing ideas about Siberia in the world, and the winners' tours will help participants to form an idea of ​​the region on their personal experience and share it in their countries. Project website: