Smiley relay race: All-Russian flash mob «Smiling Siberia» launched in social networks.

6 August 2018

Smiley relay race:  All-Russian flash mob «Smiling Siberia» launched in social networks.

According to the results of the World Cup in Russia, residents of the European part of the country managed to demonstrate to the world their hospitality and friendliness. Russians living east of the Urals did not have such an opportunity, and the stereotype of the severity of the Siberians still exists.

Flashmob Smiling Siberia is called upon to correct this situation and show the world all the cordiality and breadth of the Siberian soul, which is especially important on the eve of the next major sporting event of the country, which will take place in Siberia - the XXIX World Winter Universiade 2019 in Krasnoyarsk.

The flashmob will continue until the beginning of the Student Games in March 2019, which, according to the organizers of the project, will allow a friendly smile to firmly enter into the steady habit of Russians.

The Smiling Siberia project was initiated by Norilsk Nickel as part of the international cross-cultural program "Follow Up Siberia!" (, designed to open a new Siberia to the world - modern and friendly. Participants of the program - young people from different countries of the world - will get acquainted with the region and learn how their Siberian peers are preparing for a big sporting event on their territory. Flashmob is supported by the AGT communication agency.

To participate in the flashmob, you only need to post on the social networks (VK, Facebook, Instagram) a photo of your charming smile with hashtags

#smilingsiberia, #smilingrussia and #followupsiberia. Not only Siberians can take part in the relay of smiles, but also the citizens of the whole country.

The winners will be determined every month, and the criterion will be the creativity of the photograph and the number of collected likes. The prize for authors of the best works will be memorable gifts from the organizers.

And the prize for the whole country will be another touch, which we add to the image of a Russian - open, friendly and friendly.


Norilsk Nickel (PJSC MMC Norilsk Nickel) is the general partner of the XXIX World Winter Universiade 2019 in Krasnoyarsk, a partner of the International Federation of Student Sports (FISU), the Russian Olympic Committee and the Russian Olympic Team, the Russian National Football Team and the Russian Football Union, the Russian Mini Football Association and the all-Russian project "Mini Football in the School - The Region of the Arctic", the Night Hockey League and the League of World Hockey Legends, the Curling Federation of Russia and the Arctic Curling Cup international tournament in Dudinka. In addition, Norilsk Nickel owns the professional basketball club CSKA and the mini-football club Norilsk Nickel.

Cross-cultural program "Follow up Siberia!" Was created by the company

"Norilsk Nickel" on the eve of the XXIX World Winter Universiade 2019 in Krasnoyarsk. The basis of "Follow Up Siberia!" Is an international online competition, the winners of which have an opportunity to visit the Siberian cities. During these trips the project participants get acquainted with modern Siberia and its inhabitants. As a result of intercultural communication, the participants of the trips become the Ambassadors of Siberia - telling the whole world about friendly Siberia. The first round of the project took place in May 2018. A group of international participants visited the polar cities of Norilsk and Dudinka. In total, until March 2019, before the Universiade, there will be 4 rounds. The best of the best project participants will be invited to the Student Games in Krasnoyarsk in 2019 as guests of honor.

Photos are provided by the press service of the company "Norilsk Nickel".