"Smyslografiya" agency presented a new development on the evaluation of key events in the regions of Russia.

10 August 2018

"Smyslografiya" agency presented a new development on the evaluation of key events in the regions of Russia.

Analytical Agency "Smyslography" (part of AGT Communication Group) launches a new product "Regional Expertise". It is a regular review of key political and socio-economic processes in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

As shown by the research conducted by the agency over the past few years, the Russian regions, being the arena of a regular struggle for assets and political influence between financial and industrial groups and administrative clans, require careful and in-depth study.

"Smyslography" has the experience of immersed analysis of relevant processes using open sources (traditional media and social networks, including the regional blogosphere and Telegram channels), and by forming a pool of local experts immersed in local issues. The agency's competence allows it to build an effective system for monitoring and analyzing information, as well as to identify the specifics specific to specific territories, establish key actors, their core resources, connections, channels for advocating interests in the federal center, etc.

According to the agency, "Regional expertise" may be of interest to large businesses already present in the constituent entities of the federation or considering the possibility of regional expansion. In addition, this product can be useful for government agencies interested in expanding the channels for receiving analytical information about the situation on the ground.

Grigory Kislin, director of the analytical department of Smyslografiya agency, comments: "No matter how the legislation on elections and other external forms of organization of political life in the subjects of the federation change, they never cease conflicts provoked by the desire of interested groups to redistribute spheres of influence and expand or retain the resource base. Our experience shows that representatives of local elites who stably remain on second and third roles deserve a thoughtful analysis as much as the governors and their first deputies. We are well aware of how important the positions of regional community in the federal center, the role of power structures, the degree of consolidation of the local political class, the protest potential, as well as the background of the relationship between key personalities and institutions are important for assessing the financial and industrial and power groups on the ground in the current realities. Involvement of experts in a particular region, which is a subject of interest of the customer, allows us in the dialogue with them to formulate better hypotheses, grind explanatory models and "pump" prognostication. As a result, we help our customers to make balanced and effective management decisions that are consistent with the dynamics and specifics of the development of each particular situation. "

An example of the review is available on the link: http://s-graph.ru/upload/portfolio/RegExp.pdf