AGT introduced Muscovites to Russian clothing manufacturers.

15 August 2018

AGT introduced Muscovites to Russian clothing manufacturers.

The opening of the V All-Russian Fair of Clothing, Shoes and Textiles took place at the end of July in the center of Moscow. The event was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and was aimed at increasing the recognition of Russian designers and clothing manufacturers. The fair was organized by AGT communication agency.

Promotion of the brand is a complex work that covers different areas of activity. For qualitative reputation management, it is not enough to focus exclusively on one area of ​​work, such as, for example, the initiation of articles in professional media. What else can you attract the attention of the public? A hotel block of opportunities are PR-activities, designed to work with the expert community, as well as with journalists. In the case of experts, you increase the credibility of your client in a professional environment, with journalists you have the opportunity to establish contact in person. Each event has its own canons, but in fact, restrictions are imposed only by imagination.

An example is state structures, whose activities have traditionally been restrained and formal. The past fair of the Ministry of Industry and Trade left the format of business meetings and carried in itself both the official and the creative component.

The fair provided an opportunity for specialists to discuss the pressing problems of the sphere of production of clothing and accessories. For example, during the specialized session "The Modern Market - a Marketplace or a Meeting Place" questions were raised about the development of garment production and marketing problems. The opportunity to speak and show oneself has found a response from more than 50 manufacturing companies from 24 regions of Russia. The culmination of the opening of the fair, which attracted the attention of the press and visitors, was the podium display of Russian designers and clothing manufacturers "Journey through Russia", where the collection of sports and casual clothes, handmade accessories, images for small women of fashion, as well as outfits , reflecting the national flavor.

For each group was prepared its own item of the program - discussions, the show and the fair itself. Thus, due to the official part and creative additions, the event turned out to be in demand among several target audiences: business, media and final consumers.