AGT-Siberia among the winners of the Silver Archer regional award.

21 February 2019

At the beginning of February in Novosibirsk, the final events of the 9th Regional Silver Archer Development Prize “Siberian Archer” - Siberia were held. 61 projects took part in the awards, 18 entered the shortlist. According to the voting results, the victory in two nominations - project and individual - went to AGT-Siberia agency.

According to the decision of the jury, the title of “master of communications” was awarded to the chairman of the board of directors of AGT-Siberia, Yegor Egoshin, and the social experiment of AGT-Siberia and Electronic City, Gray Wolf on Guard of Child Safety, was recognized as the best project in the Corporate Social Responsibility category. ". As part of the experiment, an actor wearing a gray wolf suit called the intercom and asked the children, who were alone at home, to let him warm in the porch. The experiment was coordinated in advance with the parents of children aged 6 to 12 years: adults could observe it through a special mobile application "My Home", which provides access to a video surveillance camera on the phone. The audit showed that six children did not succumb to the persuasion of the wolf, but four of them took pity on him. One boy even apologized that he could not open the door of the apartment to the wolf, as he did not have the keys.

Congratulations to our colleagues with a well-deserved victory and wish them continued success!