Hour Help Children. A charity event called “Day of Care for a Day of Work” is taking place in Russia.

11 April 2019

Hour Help Children. A charity event called “Day of Care for a Day of Work” is taking place in Russia.

Every year, on April 11, the children's charity foundation “Sunny City”, with the support of “AGT-Siberia” communication agency, organizes a large-scale charity event called “Day of Care for the Day of Work” in Russia. This social project is designed to provide care and support for orphans who are being treated in hospitals in different cities.

According to the Ministry of Health for 2018, there were about 8,000 children in children's homes throughout the country. Any of these babies could be at least once in the hospital. There they are treated, but there is no one to console everyone, play with him, and therefore, due to the lack of much-needed human attention and warmth, the baby may face a terrible feeling of his own uselessness. In hospitals that are unable to pay for the work of special staff, these children spend weeks and months alone.

Hospital nannies can help them to adapt to the hospital environment, surround them with care and, in fact, become moms for a short time for these babies. These nannies play with children, console them after injections and taking tasteless medicines, sing lullabies and read fairy tales. Such employees are in seven regions of Russia: Novosibirsk, Kaliningrad, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Ufa, Kazan and Perm. Their work costs only 180 rubles per hour, and this work is paid for by charitable foundations. In order for children in all seven regions to be surrounded by heat around the clock, 8,164,800 rubles are needed.

Today, everyone can help to collect the necessary amount. To do this, just go to the деньзаботы.рф website, calculate the cost of an hour of your work on a special calculator and transfer one or more “hours” to help children. During the first hours of the action, 1107 people have already changed their working hours for a total of 1,365,570 rubles. They are equivalent to 7,586 hours of work for hospital nannies.

You can also support the action by telling about it in social networks. Storis and photo templates for posts are available in the official t.me/denzaboty telegram channel. Traditionally, the action is supported by TV presenter Olga Shelest, TV presenter Timur Rodriguez, showman Azamat Musagaliyev, fitness model Ekaterina Usmanova, social network VKontakte, Zarplata.ru, 2GIS and many others.

Thank you for your attention to the action and the desire to help children!