AGT conducted information support of the federal launch of the All-Russian action "Water of Russia".

29 May 2019

AGT conducted information support of the federal launch of the All-Russian action "Water of Russia".

To cover the official launch of the action, which took place on May 15 in Nizhny Novgorod, a team of AGT specialists organized a press tour with the participation of representatives of federal and regional Russian media: TASS, Interfax, RIA Novosti, Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Kommersant, RIA FAN and others.

The participants of the press tour were able to fully familiarize themselves with the progress of the implementation of the Federal Target Program “Water of Russia”, the National Project “Ecology” and its federal projects “Preservation of Unique Water Objects” and “Improvement of the Volga”. Press-approaches were held to the key speakers of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia and the government of the Nizhny Novgorod region. A press lunch with the head of Rosvodresursov, Dmitry Kirilov, was also organized for media representatives. According to the results of the press events, more than 120 publications and 9 television stories were published in federal and regional editions.

The first coast cleaning activities took place in 2014. According to the communication strategy of the Federal Target Program “Water of Russia” developed by AGT, the positioning of the action was chosen as a tool for accumulating human potential and requests for environmental volunteering, especially for the younger generation.

When implementing the strategy, a wide range of methods and means of interaction with various target audiences are used, including: NGOs, residents of regions, local governments and business representatives.

The central action of the Federal Target Program “Water of Russia” has become an excellent tool in the implementation of civil initiatives and coordination of common efforts. In 2014, 200,000 people from 54 regions of Russia took part in it, in 2015 - 300,000 participants and 72 regions, in 2016 the first 1,000,000 participants reached 80 regions of Russia, in 2017 - 1,500,000 participants from 80 regions.

Especially important for the project was the year 2018, when the number of participants reached the figure of 1,800,000 people, and coast cleaning activities were carried out in all the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

“When we started, many of the communication practices specific to the theme of ecology simply did not exist. The characteristics associated with the volunteer movement required the use of a wide range of communication tools, often quite extraordinary. Throughout the information support of the action, we are constantly working on new formats of interaction with representatives of the media and the public, as well as adapting the existing ones to new challenges. The work we have done perfectly illustrates the potential and possibilities of the volunteer movement in Russia with proper coordination and organization of information support, ”said Nadezhda Malkina, Director of Social Communications of AGT.

Today the Action "Water of Russia" has become a truly all-Russian. Conducted opinion polls showed that 95% of Russians consider the ecological condition of rivers and lakes as a matter of their personal concern.

In 2019, the project moved to a new stage of its development, becoming a landmark event for the All-Russian environmental movement. The promotion “Water of Russia” is implemented within the framework of the National Project “Ecology” and is the flagship project of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia in the field of environmental volunteering.