Corporate history book released on occasion of RTI Sistemy’s jubilee

12 August 2010

Corporate history book released on occasion of RTI Sistemy’s jubilee

MediaLine has published the book titled “Borne on the threshold of centuries,” devoted to the tenth anniversary of the RTI Sistemy consortium.

The brief contents are YEASTERDAY, TODAY, FUTURE. The first chapter narrates about the past of the companies, associated with the RTI Sistemy now, highlighting their history within the period from 1916 to 1999. Archive documents and photos are shown broadly in the book.

The second chapter gives a review of the first decade of joint operations of the aforementioned companies for the sake of the Russian military-industrial complex – the years of most interesting, though sometimes dramatic events. It is a kind of a success story of research rush and technological breakthroughs.

The final third chapter is an outlook into the future, a vector of company’s development in the next decade.

Congratulating the thousands of employees of the RTI-Sistemy holding company were deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov, Chairman of the AFK Sistema company Vladimir Yevtuushenko, first deputy Chairman of the Military Industrial Commission of the Russian Government V.N. Putilin, first deputy Defense Minister V.A. Popovkin, Space Force Commander Lt.Gen. O.N. Ostapenko, Russian Space Agency Director A.N. Perminov and many other high-ranking officials.

The original design of the book was developed by the creative team of the MediaLine publishing house, led by Art Director Konstantin Yushin and Leading Designer Vladislav Maximenko.

For instance, special VIP settings, featuring metallized toreutic symbols, were made for the book presentation.