AGT takes lead in July rating of PR agencies

4 August 2010

AGT takes lead in July rating of PR agencies

AGT Communications and its affiliated agency Social Networks have topped the July rating of communications companies *.

AGT Communications ranks second to none in the list of communication agencies mentioned by mass media again in July, its latest project being the Znaem-Mozhem social portal, inaugurated in the middle of the month. The company also announced competition for the best slogan for this website almost at once. The portal has been launched by the National Council of Youth and Children Associations of Russia and AGT Communications, and enjoys full support of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science. AGT is generally mentioned in connection with this new website.

Other newsbreaks include:

AGT Communications joins Association of Directors for Communications and Corporate Media of Russia (ACMR).Media Manager of Russia 2010 Prize awarded on July 8, 2010. Vyacheslav Lashchevsky, the Chairman of AGT Communications, takes part in the award ceremony.AGT Communications hosts all-Russian seminar for press secretaries of regional education authorities in Astrakhan. Entry submission closed on July 30, 2010 in one of the nominations of the All-Russia Mass Media and Journalist Contest on education PRO-Obrazovanie 2010, the All-Russian Schoolchildren Olympics: Russia’s National Treasure. AGT Communications was one of contest organizers. 

The July rating of communications agencies by the index of favorable information ** putVyachslav Lashchevsky spoke to the press as a representative of the expert panel and took part in the Media Manager of Russia 2010 prize award ceremony.

Social Networks’ Managing Partner Denis Terekhov was also quoted largely by the press on various occasions. For instance, he took part in the press briefing on “Internet community as a platform for innovations” together with Garrett Johnston, the expert of the International Youth Innovations Forum “Interra-2010.”

*Source: Medialogia ratings.

**The index of favorable information (IFI) reflects qualitative and quantitative assessments of the subject in the information field. IFI depends on the authoritativeness of the mentioning media, the message exposure and vividness, the frequency of quotation, the feedback, and other parameters.