Bacardi Rus LLC unveils renewed corporate edition

14 July 2010

Bacardi Rus LLC unveils renewed corporate edition

The MediaLine publishing house has taken up printing a renewed corporate magazine for the clients of Bacardi & Martini.

 July 2010 saw the release of the first issue of the magazine, which was devoted to legendary Mojito. Ilona Nevinskaya, the project manager: “We offered Bacardi Rus a new concept, the Magazine of Legends, which will involve all company’s most renowned brands, including Bacardi, Martini, Dewar’s, Baron Otard and others.” Each and every of them are not just premium alcohol, but a prominent name, which gives one a very special impression, bringing to life a whole range of magnificent associations. First issue’s main character is Bacardi Mojito, a unique product that can be used to make one of world’s most popular cocktails in just seven seconds. Great minds think the same, so it is not surprising that Bacardi Mojito was a favorite drink of such renowned people as Ernest Hemingway, Nat King Cole, and Brigitte Bardot. Bacardi & Martini’s magazine is mainly for the clients, but its target audience also includes company distributors, i.e. people who know a lot if not all about premium alcohol. “Therefore, we tried to find a harmonic ratio of information and attraction in each and every column. In fact, it is next to impossible to remain indifferent to the topic: all our writers, photographers and even publishers were doing their work with the greatest pleasure. We hope the readers of Bacardi & Martini will feel the same,” says Ilona Nevinskaya.

 “We designed a new logo for the magazine to demonstrate the premium quality and nobility of the trademarks it represents,” MediaLine’s art-director Konstantin Yushin says. “The same can be said about the new style of the magazine in general. It looks much more sober and aloof, but its columns and ideology of article disposition have evolved to become out-of-the-ordinary and more diversified.”

Every article has its specific “face,” but the general tune goes through the whole magazine. The first thing to shout that it is not just another ordinary piece of printed matter is the cover, which is very complex by both the design and production. A modest black cover features an ornamental notch through which one can see the lacquered page with vivid pictures. Headlines are also hiding somewhere inside.

It is not the first time Bacardi & Martini is released in Russia: its first issue came out as far back as 2002. “The high standards, we are committed to in our corporate business, as well as the ongoing changes in the publishing sector and polygraphy demanded that the magazine should evolve to become more attractive visually, more full-bodied in terms of contents, and more interesting to read,” Bacardi Rus LLC PR Manager Maria Medvedeva says. “When we hired a new contractor at the beginning of 2010, we had some fears, which is only natural. Our products are very special. To work with them you should not only be a professional in your trade, but also know about the latest developments in the industry. Yet you should also be bold enough to try something new. In summary, I was very pleased to hear my colleagues coming up to me after taking the renewed issue and saying that they were glad to read the magazine from the first page to the last one. It means that the publishing house and the client speak the same language, which makes our new edition even more interesting and unique.”

 “Bacardi & Martini is indeed a unique project for our publishing house. First of all, it does “taste good,” both from the perspective of drinks it describes, the contents and the design of the cover and all columns inside. We tried to make them look fashionable and stylish in order to be able to convey to the reader the delicacy and daintiness of the unrivaled products,” says Larisa Rudakova, the CEO of MediaLine. “I believe we did it right in the very first issue of the magazine: the Mojito glass on the cover urges one to take it and taste the delicate colors of the drink after the first gulp. Secondly, not every corporate edition can boast having internationally acclaimed figures as the main characters of its publications. Meanwhile, Bacardi & Martini can, with British film star Jude Law, who visited Moscow just recently, and U.S. Soul Diva Macy Gray mentioned on its mages not once. It was a great pleasure and responsibility to work on such a high level, and, which is ever so important, we have found new creative solutions for our future cooperation. MediaLine has recently adopted a corporate value program, called ROST (an allusion to the Russian word for “growth”). Creativity is mentioned as the critical element of the program. Bacardi & Martini offers plenty opportunities for making this value realized in our day-to-day operations.”