Year of Teacher website now on

6 April 2010

Year of Teacher website now on

The website is intended for journalists, writing about educational issues, as well as for the press-secretaries of educational authorities, and the people, taking part in the Year of Teacher events throughout Russia. However, the information posted on the website may be of interest for the whole educational community, including schoolchildren and their parents, as well as all those who has anything to do with the education in Russia.

The most interesting and topical section of the website is the newswire. Here one can get to know the latest news of federal and regional press-centers, as well as journalists’ reports about Year of Teacher events, and see the announcements of forthcoming events. Yet another important section will embrace the materials by the journalists of the interregional NGO PRO Obrazovanie. The members of this organization enjoy a unique opportunity to publish their materials on the federal web-portal.

The site also features official information about the Year of Teacher, including the official brand-book, the federal action plan and regional action plans.

Reference materials – statistics and figures from the events hosted by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, as well as weekly summaries of federal and regional media publications concerning the Year of Teacher – will help journalists to create articles for their editions.

Special offer for journalists – the photobank of main Year of Teacher events. The bank is updated regularly, and allows downloading high-resolution photos for use in articles.

The website also offers online translations of all major events, with all video materials available for downloads from the archive at any time.

Please, be advised to visit the contest page, where journalists and press-secretaries of educational regulators can learn more about the Educational Ministry’s competitions for the press in 2010.

The second official platform of the Year of Teacher in the web is at The site highlights the work of the Year of Teacher community in the Open Class mode. Various forums, master classes, lesson summaries and online resources offer great advantages to those teachers who are aware. The Open class is also a site for regional publishers, who can post their news here themselves.

Learn more about the Year of Teacher in Russia online and keep in touch!