Leader of the year

10 February 2011

Leader of the year

Medialogia prepared a media rating of PR-events in 2010. One of the top five events covered in mass media was conferring AGT Communication Group a title of the leading contributor to the government image:

The list of state contractors specialized in public awareness efforts, advertisement, event arrangement and research for 2009 was issued on March 29, 2010. This list suggests that AGT Communication Group carried out state contracts to become first in terms of volume and second from quantity point of view (first among communication agencies). Communication agency Vizantia prepared this rating on the basis of data from zakupki.gov.ru.

List of state contractors

According to Medialogia, TOP-5 events in communications are:

  1. American PR-agency Ketchum launched an Internet-forum Modernrussia.com, ordered by Russia to investigate economic and social modernization in Russia;
  2. The Ministry of Economic Development of Russia decided to extend communication support to the International Financial Center in Moscow;
  3. AGT Communications Group was named a leader of state PR in 2009;
  4. The 10th Baltic PR Weekend was held in St. Petersburg on September 16-17, 2010;
Association of PR consultant companies (AKOS) drafted a document to regulate procedure of PR tender for commercial organizations.