Managing the promotion of territory

19 December 2011

Manage progress of the Territory
Manage progress of the Territory

December 19, Moscow. As part of the XV International Conference on "PR Days in Moscow 2011" held December 15-16, Communications AGT has conducted a round table discussion on "Managing promotion areas."

Promotion of the region today - a necessary element of the management area and an important condition for economic development and improved quality of life in the region. How to get investors, tourists, government, mobile population - an acute issue for many cities and regions.

During the discussion, participants discussed the development of public administration areas, the possibility of Russian regions in the global field of geobranding, development technology territorial brand aspects of the study of regional competitiveness, the impact of ratings on the investment attractiveness of regions.

Among the speakers:

· Barabashev Alex, Ph.D., Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Public Administration HSE.

· Tatyana Lebedeva, PhD, Professor, Program Director, European Institute of PR (Paris).

· Mussel Maxim, Managing Partner of IFORS.

· Kislin Gregory, director of research areas of analytical agency "Smyslografiya."

· Konstantin Abramov, deputy director of the National Center for Public Opinion Research.

· Valery Maltsev, Deputy Director General of CCT PRopaganda.

Moderated the round table held at the site of MGIMO, spoke Vyacheslav Laschevsky, Ph.D., Chairman and CEO Communications Group AGT, Vice President, RPRA.

During the roundtable participants was drawn up following draft resolution.

· Combine the efforts of all stakeholders to explore and develop the most effective mechanisms to promote territories.

• Create a system of training personnel of state and municipal authorities, all parties to promote the scope of territories.

· To create an objective and transparent rating regions.

· Examine and summarize the existing experience and approaches to the formation and promotion of regional brands.

· Combine the efforts of the spheres of promotion territory to Russian brands do not conflict but complement each other, especially in a foreign field information.

· For each region, to seek their own meanings and images that "reputational drivers."

· Continue to conduct joint activities to promote the scope of participants territory, including at sites in different regions. Migrate to regions of the Committee on progress of the Territory.

As one of the practical steps to address these challenges, the roundtable participants supported the idea of ​​competition of journalists «PRO Region».