AGT has conducted a business game for Gazprom Group

28 October 2011

The first workshop was held in March, was devoted to the analysis and practical work with visual communication. The purpose of the second workshop was to familiarize with new technologies develop communication strategies, current trends, as well as legislative, social and philosophical aspects of communication.

The seminar was attended by traveling the world and Russian experts in the field of public relations:

Jacques Séguéla, one of the founders of the European school of advertising and political consulting, the author of 25 books on international communication, translated and published in many countries around the world, writer, ideologist and organizer of more than 20 election campaigns in various countries around the world.

Boris Eremin, editor in chief of public relations and market PR «Counselor," the president of the Russian branch of the International Advertising Association - IAA. Professor of International Institute of Advertising.

Igor Mintusov, a member of the Board of Directors EAPC (European Association of Political Consultants), IAPC (International Association of Political Consultants); vice president of GR, an honorary member of the advisory council of the Supreme RASO, a member of the Board of Trustees of the National Award in Public Relations "Silver Archer "; Chairman of the State Attestation Commission of the Institute of Technology reputational" Art-image ", one of the professional managers of election campaigns in the Soviet Union and Russia.

Valery Fedorov, general director of the National Center for Public Opinion Research (VTsIOM).

Denis Terekhov, Managing Partner Agency "Social Network", the best PR-specialist of 2007 (in a survey of political journalists, the magazine "Russian Reporter").

Mikhail Grigoryan, an individual consultant to a number of Russian politicians of regional and federal levels, the political and business elite of Russia.

Vyacheslav Laschevsky, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AGT Communications Group.

Organize and conduct training seminars, business games, and master classes - an important area of ​​activity of the communication group AGT. In 2009-2010. AGT has organized seminars for corporate spokespersons education authorities, committees of Sport and Physical Education of the Federation, specialists of the State labor inspection regions of Russia.