AGT Communications Agency conducted a study "Career expectations of young PR-professionals 2012"

29 May 2012

AGT Communications Agency conducted a study "Career expectations of young PR-professionals 2012"

May 29, Moscow. AGT Communications Agency held a focus group study among 20 students from eight leading universities of six regions of Russia in the field of "public relations" and "marketing". The goal was to study perceptions about career prospects, salary expectations, and assessment of the potential mobility of the future professionals.

The study showed that the majority of respondents (about two-thirds) are going to move to Moscow after graduation, assuming that the federal government provides more opportunities for self-realization. The main reasons for the move they named:

· High wages;

· The opportunity for professional growth;

· The attractiveness of living in the capital.

Opponents referred to as arguments:

· Reluctance to live in the metropolis;

· Fear of competition;

· The complexity of the job search.

As for the salary expectations of young professionals, they generally range from 20 000to 40 000 rubles ($700-$1300). At the same ambitions of Moscow and regional students are very different. For example, students of Moscow universities evaluated their first paycheck at a rate of about 50 thousand rubles, while their regional "colleagues" agree to receive 20 000- 30 000, and in some cases 15,000 rubles.

When discussing salary, which is considered worthy of study participants for a successful marketer, the guys from the region called the income of 40-60 thousand rubles, and Moscow students expressed the view that it can not be less than 90,000 rubles.

"Moscow has historically been a center for the development of marketing and PR-industry in our country, but we see that  a number of regions make a successful competition to the federal center. This is evidenced by this study. Students have a choice - to develop in Moscow or to make a career at home. The situation is that in both cases, success will depend on them. I sincerely wish the students to achieve the best results! "- Says Director of Marketing Communications AGT Vladimir Serov.