AGT Communications Agency led the major rating of agencies that serve government structures in PR

25 June 2012

AGT Communications Agency led the major rating of agencies that serve government structures in PR
June 25, Moscow. AGT Communications Agency was included in the list of largest PR-agencies serving public entities in 2011, according to a study "Rating gostenderov in marketing and PR», conducted by Communication Group "Byzantium" in June 2012. AGT has taken first place in the segment of "Outreach", which includes players who specialize in complex, accompanied by government customers, system implementation projects involving strategy, content, and subsequent implementation of communication programs.

In the study, had been collected and analyzed data, published in 2011 in the pages of "The Official Site of the Russian Federation for posting information about placing orders." The collected data were verified, "Register of public contracts awarded on the basis of order placement." The rating included the purchase, at the expense of the federal budget. The data were analyzed in four segments: "Research", "Advertising", "Event Planning" and "Outreach." Results in the above segment of the market during 2011 was conducted in 1427 tenders (for comparison - in 2010 there were similar tenders in 2027, in 2009 — 1232).

"If a couple of years ago, PR-campaign ordered almost all the ministries, but now were just 5-6 big customers. As a consequence - growth of competition and increased saving of the state through competitive procurement (from 16% to 22%). Increased competition squeezed out of this segment "visitant," agencies - if the rating of fall in the previous structure, the market is not known, then in 2011 all the top ranking is occupied by old respected organizations, specializes in government projects in the field of PR », - commented on the study Igor Reichman , CEO of GC "Byzantium."

"The implementation of government contracts - a serious financial burden on the company (less than half of the SC have 20-30% down payment) and managerial responsibility. It is logical that a pool of leaders - companies implementing government contracts, is stable. The trend in 2011 - increasing state control over the course of execution and results of state contracts and higher demands for quality performance of services. Is also, despite the general rise in prices, decreased cost per unit purchase, that is, government agencies have become more rational. Thus the average cost of a state contract, implemented in the AGT in 2011, was slightly more than 10 million rubles, which is almost two times less over the previous "- added Irina Bolshedvorskaya, CEO of AGT communications agency.

"The share of government contracts in the circulation of AGT Communications in 2011 was 18.6%. We will continue to closely monitor the market for public contracts, participate in contests. First of all, we offer services in dealing with complex communication tasks, projects with a regional component. In addition, we will be working with a special focus with regional contests under the theme of promoting areas. In this case, we prefer a strategic business projects ", - said Chairman of the Board of Directors of the cAGT Communications Vyacheslav Laschevsky.

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