AGT Communications Agency began developing project on the organization of the Federal Information Center of convergent technologies

27 June 2012

AGT Communications Agency began developing project on the organization of the Federal Information Center of convergent technologies
June 27, Moscow. AGT Communications Agency within the communication support the modernization program of professional education in the Russian Federation work on the preparation to launch the Federal Information Center of converged technologies (FITSKT) at the Moscow State University of Printing Arts named after Ivan Fedorov. The main function produced by the Centre - forming of the information field of professional education in the Russian Federation.

Establishment of the Centre, which has its branches in all federal districts, became possible thanks to the structural and permanent work on the formation and development of communication infrastructure, which AGT Communications Agency conducts in the Russian regions. Function for more than six years information and communication centers allowed AGT to form and effectively maintain a system of rapid exchange of information not only on the transfer center-region, but also in the opposite direction.

All information relating to professional education topic will come from the educational institutions of all Russian regions and integrated at the official website of the Federal Information Center of converged technologies. After processing and analysis of selected news broadcast will be carried out through a specially created channels - separate on-site news agency Interfax and information education portal

Activity of FITSKT will focus on promotion of work and engineering professions, so the center is designed to actively promote positive examples of cooperation between employers and educational institutions, case studies of successful use of skills by graduates in production, new forms and development tools professional standards and adaptation them to the educational process.

“We create Center of convergent technologies based on the technological platform developed by AGT in conjunction with the Interfax news agency for the Year of the Teacher in Russia, and a network of district and AGT regional information and counseling centers. Such cooperation has been tested in many government and business projects and has shown high efficiency not only with federal publications, but also with regional media and bloggers. With this design we achieve the efficiency, integrity and objectivity of the information from both the Ministry of Education of Russia in regions, as well as feedback from the regions to the federal government "- said Irina Bolshedvorskaya, Director General of AGT Communications Agency.

"We consider it is very important to cover achievements of professional education, not only regionally but also at the federal level. Therefore, with joy and with full responsibility responded to the invitation of colleagues to organize the working platform of the Center converged technologies on the basis of our university. We will create a platform which, in the truest sense, become "a center of information." News of all the professional schools from around the country will flock to one information flow. And our goal - make this information flow for the user friendly, easy to use, easy to navigate "- commented on the establishment of the Centre Konstantin V. Antipov, Rector MGUP named Ivan Fedorov, associate professor, doctor of economic sciences.