SIKA spoke on its records during media tour in Switzerland

26 March 2014

SIKA spoke on its records during media tour in Switzerland

Journalists representing leading Russian media took part in a global event organized by Sika – conference for media and financial analysts in Switzerland, timed to coincide with presentation of the 4th quarter results and 2013 in general. Media tour has become a part of a bigger campaign aimed at expansion of Sika presence in Russia.

Media & Analyst Conference is Sika annual media event, usually conducted in early spring in Zurich and attended by the top executives of the company. Sika global company presented both results of the 4th quarter and 2013 in general, and outlined its development plans for the nearest future. Moreover, Jan Jenisch, Sika CEO, outlined global trends and construction chemicals industry perspectives.

For the first time since Sika entered the Russian market in 2003, among the conference participants there were representatives of Russian media. The company organized a series of interviews for them with CEO Jan Jenisch, where he shared his vision, Russian business development results and plans for near future, and there was also organized a visit to the biggest Sika plant in Zurich. Journalists were able to see the labs where the famous construction additives, dry building mixes and polymeric materials are produced, as well as certain objects in the city as examples of various Sika materials use.

“Russia is one of priority markets for Sika, - says Jan Jenisch, Sika CEO. – We can see wide perspectives here. Our business investments in your country have already reached more than 30 mln. CHF, and this amount will keep growing. In near future, the company plans to open 2 plants to meet the requirements of our customers”.

AGT Communications Agency organized a media tour to Switzerland within the framework of a complex communications support of Sika promotion in Russia.