Vladislav Shulaev, “Controversial situation in the field of territorial promotion in Russia”

12 April 2014

Vladislav Shulaev, “Controversial situation in the field of territorial promotion in Russia”

On April 8, 2014, the Economics Department of the Moscow State University hosted opening ceremony of the V Forum of the Russian Regions. Vladislav Shulaev, Territorial Promotion Director at the AGT Communications Agency, participated in the round table “Marketing Potential of the Regions. How to make a region successful?”

Among the round table speakers there were Stanislav Naumov, President of the Russian PR Association (RASO), Maksim Shereykin, Deputy Minister of the Far East Development, Khristofor Konstantinidi, Head of the Government Programs Department of the Krasnodar region Economic Ministry, Anton Yaremchuk, Head of programs at the Priority Programs Development Department of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives.

Experts covered a wide range of issues linked to development of territorial promotion programs, means of increasing the investment attractiveness of cities and regions, subjects and target audiences of territorial marketing.

In his speech, Vladislav Shulaev noted controversial nature of current situation in the field of territorial promotion. On the one hand, during the period of several years, communications sector has accumulated certain amount of technical experience and is ready to use it. On the other hand, there is no significant demand for this experience.

There is a developed launch kit of events for sharp growth of positive media coverage of a territory. There are clear communications technologies for quick “launch” of new events and traditions useful in terms of territorial promotion. There is no secret about the way to use standard, almost school classical communications solutions for boosting media interest towards event, or distribution of a certain message. The same can be said about the web site traffic. There exists experience of communications non-advertising activities of the region, providing for the same year effective operational results, at least in tourism sector. There are territorial branding projects under way.

That said, according to Vladislav Shulaev, there are almost no regions that could have been characterized by effective presence in foreign media, and full-scale representation in federal media. So far, there are no brand visualization of a large Russian territory that could have been a role model. There are no generally recognized examples in the industry, where there presented both long-term complex territorial promotion agenda, and its unarguable results.

At the same time, we can hear complaints at many levels that communications are not developed, and business, investors, tourists, and population is almost unaware of very important information that could have significantly improved attractiveness of the territory, contributing to its successful marketing.

According to Vladislav Shulaev, the territorial promotion sector has reached certain landmark of its development, and from technological point of view, it is ready to help regions. Now, the regions should decide for themselves how much they are interested in their marketing and promotion.