The action «360 minutes for Baikal» became the best project in Russia in the field of social communications and charitable projects.

24 February 2016

The action «360 minutes for Baikal» became the best project in Russia in the field of social communications and charitable projects.

A presentation of XIX National Award in the field of public relations «Silver Archer» took place last week. In the nomination «The best project in the field of social communications and philanthropy won won a large-scale ecological action En + Group «360 minutes for Baikal». The operator of event is the communication agency «AGT-Siberia».

In total 54 projects were presented in this category. The 5 best works of this amount were included in short-list, presented at the National «Silver Archer» prize on 18 and 19 February in Moscow.

In 5 years of its activity the «360 minutes for Baikal» has become the biggest action to clean up the shores of lake of debris. In 2015 the srare En + Group was held in ecological marathon format. More than 5000 people became the participants of the event, including volunteers from Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude, Krasnoyarsk, locals settlement coast. The project was supported by Kostya Tszyu, Vladislav Lisovets, BandEros group, Maksim Pokrovsky and Ilya Lagutenko. In 2015 the volunteer forces were collected and handed over for recycling about 10 000 of garbage bags, which is equal to 42 fully loaded KamAZ.

«We are very pleased, that the consistency and scale of carried out work were appreciated by the jury. «360 minutes for Baikal» is one of the major social projects En + Group, which we are doing throughout all the year. In 5 years` period the event has grown from a one-day event to the ecological marathon and the whole program on eco-education. The victory at the Federal level means that we are moving in the right direction. This year we plan to increase the scale of the action, to involve it more volunteers and to expand the geography of the project» commented the head of the Department of Sustainable Development of En + Group Maria Gracheva.

Forth year in a row partner En + Group in conducting the most ambitious eco-shares on the shores of Lake Baikal in favor communication agency “AGT-Siberia”, which is the operator of the event. «AGT-Siberia» has been working with the parties, make the construction of logistics, technical support of the events, advertising campaigns and large-scale information campaign.

While working on the project left more than 800 publications in regional and national media. The action was supported by the federal TV channel «Russia-1», «Russia-24», «OTP», «MIR24», the region`s rating program “Vesti Irkutsk”, as well as the inclusion of the regional AS Baikal TV on the Home and STS.

«Rubbish – it is an acute problem of the lake, to which you want to draw the attention of the public. It is important not just clean up the shores of the lake, but also to increase awareness of nature and culture of the tourists and the local population. That is why we do our best to highlight the project in regional and national media», - says SEO of communication agency «AGT-Siberia» Yegor Yegoshin.

It should be noted that the action «360 minutes for Baikal» became the only Siberian project included among the winners of the National Award “Silver Archer”. For the victory at the Federal level also fighting the project of the Omsk Philharmonic «PianoArtChallenge», which received the right to present the work on the National Award, winning the Grand Prix of the regional stage.

Details on the results of the “Silver Archer” National Award are on the site