New Digital Technology International Press Event of AGT has been awarded by “Silver Archer”.

1 March 2016

New Digital Technology International Press Event of AGT has been awarded by “Silver Archer”.

The project of Communication Group AGT – “Development and Implementation of the technology Digital Communication GLOBUS+” after the success of the contest “Digital Communication AWARDS-2016” won the IXI National Award in the field of public relations “Silver Archer” in the nomination “The best project in the field of new media and social networks”.

The developed technology is designed for the organization of major international online press events for wide and general geographically distributed audience and global media pool using Google Hangouts Technology.

The technology of digital press events “GLOBUS+” was successfully tested by agency AGT in the implementation of two major news-events in 2015.

So, in the March press-conference on the base of “GLOBUS+” technology platform in the framework of the children`s social program “Football for friendship” with global ambassador Francz Bekenbauer participation, the project was attended by over 1000 journalists from 24 countries. The result was more than 2000 publications in 21 languages in key international publications including Euronews, Daily Mail, Sky News, Reuters.

In September on the International online conference of the Chairman of the Russian Federation goverment - Dmitry Medvedev with the leaders with global innovation community within the framework of the international Forum and Show technologies “Open Innivations”, was attended by more than 17000 experts journalists from 28 countries, due to broadcast in real time on Youtube and 17 key international Internet sites. More thean 500 international media covered the outcome of the conference. The conference was moderated by one of the recognized guru in the field of technology, chief editor of the leading tech block TechCrunch, Michael Butcher.

Vladimir Serov, director of international relations and business development Communication Group AGT (Russia): “The main advantage of “GLOBAL+” technology that it is allowed to move the massive offline event in the digital space with increasing coverage in hundreds of times, and with considerable reduction of costs for the event. Digital press event on the base of the technology “GLOBUS+”, unlike other solutions hase an independent reputational potential for the installed communications. In fact, the developed technology “GLOBAL+”is ready to use effective tool that can be embedded in a traditional press event, in hundred times raising moderators and greatly save the budget”.

Yaşar Niyazbaev, correspondent, CIHAN news Agency (Turkey): "Participation in the conference in the “GLOBUS+” format allows a journalist to talk comfortable to the speakers and to participate in the event without leaving your office. It is incredibly comfortable. In addition, the technology provides quick access to videos in HD format, which certainly facilitates the preparation of TV programs on the results"

In addition to the project "Globus+" another six projects of Communication group AGT submitted to the contest, entered in shorts-sheets of various nominations of the Award "Silver Archer".

A link to the record video broadcasting “Globus+” technology:

Press conference of International children's social program "Football for friendship":

Online conference Dmitry Medvedev's "Technological revolution. Russia's agenda":