"Total dictation" was held on land, in water and in the air

29 April 2016

"Total dictation" was held on land, in water and in the air

More than 145 thousand people from 68 countries and 732 cities took part in the international action on checking literacy "Total dictation", which took place on April 16. 
Throughout Russia the text of Andrey Usachev "Is an ancient-ancient-ancient world" written 113 859 people. Abroad in 257 cities tested their knowledge of the Russian language 18 736, which is two times more than last year. The action also joined by foreigners studying Russian language, – more than 1000 people wrote the test TruD. Your knowledge of online checked out more than 12 thousand participants. The number of people willing to test your competence increases every year: in 2013, the written text 32 280 people, and in 2014 already more than 64 thousand, in 2015 – more than 100 thousand.

Total dictation was held for the first time not only on "terrestrial" sites, but also on water, under water and in the air. Students and the crew of the training sailing ships "Kruzenshtern" (171 people) and "Pallada" (84 people) wrote a Total dictation in the Baltic and the sea of Japan. Joined the atomic icebreaker "50 years of Victory", "Taimyr", "Vaigach", "Yamal" and "Northern sea route", where a total of more than 30 people submitted their work. For the first time in the history of the action, the dictation went on Board S7 Airlines, following on a route Novosibirsk-Moscow, where he responded to 38 people.

The text of Andrey Usachev wrote in Antarctica – 14 employees of the polar station "Bellingshausen", "Progress", "Vostok" and "Mirny" took part in the action. Russian Antarctic expedition is involved in the Total dictation for the fourth time. In Perm Krai the Total dictation was held in Kungur ice cave, where the temperature was +5 degrees. In the Republic of Karelia, a group of divers wrote "Total dictation" under the ice of lake Urozero. To implement this experiment used a special water-repellent tablets.

Communication Agency "AGT-Siberia" for the fifth consecutive year is the official PR Agency actions and provides information support of "Total dictation" at the Federal level.

In the framework of cooperation of AGT-Sibir provides planning information campaigns, monitoring, filling and adjustment of the information field around promotions, media relations and organizing press events. Before the start of the action by the Agency were involved in the Federal information Agency ITAR-TASS as General informational partner. Since the beginning of the operation to the current time is indexed by search engines almost 7000 publications with reference to the Total dictation, free stories came out about the campaign on Federal television channels.

Also the AGT-Siberia carried out the arrangements for participation in the action of sailing ships "Kruzenshtern" and "Pallada", nuclear icebreakers "50 years of Victory", "Taimyr", "Vaigach", "Yamal" and "Northern sea route". Have established agreements to conduct "Total dictation" in the sky on the plane of airline S7 Airlines and in the Arctic "Arctic and Antarctic research Institute" to conduct research on the dictation stations. In the framework of cooperation had prepared a video message from the crew and students of sailing ships "Kruzenshtern" and "Pallada", and were prepared footage from the plane. These and other videos later emerged in stories about the campaign on Federal television channels.

Information about Total dictation: "Total dictation is an annual educational event in the form of voluntary dictation for everyone. The aim of the campaign is to give everyone an opportunity to test their knowledge of the Russian language and to arouse interest in literacy. The idea of voluntary dictation for everyone born in Novosibirsk in the student club of the faculty of Humanities of the NSU "glum club" in the early 2000-ies. Over 12 years of Total dictation has become a major international event in 2015, the rally was held in 549 cities of Russia and the world, covering 58 countries and attracted more than 108 000 people. The promoter is a support Fund for the linguistic culture of citizens "Total dictation". Official PR-Agency of the project – the communications Agency AGT-Siberia.