AGT became a partner of III all-Russian forum of Living cities in St. Petersburg.

2 June 2016

AGT became a partner of III all-Russian forum of Living cities in St. Petersburg.

Emir Kusturica invited the all-Russian Forum of living cities in his Drvengrad-Kustendorf in Serbia.

III all-Russian forum of Living cities on the subject of designing future cities and support urban development projects was held in St. Petersburg at "Lenexpo" from 25 to 29 may. More than 400 participants from 45 cities of Russia from Komsomolsk-on-Amur to Yalta participated in Strategic foresight, University living cities and practical sessions, and also heard the presentation of successful replicable projects, the best of which were in the final National award of the Nobel. A contribution to the Forum was made by the representatives of the authorities of St.-Petersburg, Vologda, Kirov, Simferopol, Moscow, Votkinsk, Izhevsk, and other cities, and Yugoslav film Director and musician Emir Kusturica.

Joint projects the participants will implement upon return to their city, experts have called one of the main results of the Forum. 19 ready-to-replicate ideas were presented at the regional stage of the Nobel Prize, which annually determines the best urban projects in Russia.

The audience award went to the project "Dobrobut" from St. Petersburg and the Social game "City of change" from the city of Sharya in Kostroma region. In the nomination "For the best project to attract resources for development" became the leader Samara the Festival of the restoration of the historical environment "Tom Sawyer fest. Festival street cinema, which started in Vladivostok, and held in 68 countries around the world, recognized as the best in improving the efficiency of city management. And the project "Cultural city" of Magadan became the first in the nomination "For the best project to revitalize the city."

In addition, the organizing Committee of the Forum outside of the contest was awarded the Nobel Prize "For the creation of the city with the mind and the soul Emir Kusturica. At the meeting with participants of the film Director told about the basic elements of harmonious and sustainable development of the city and the following year was invited to the Forum itself to Serbia.

Emir Kusturica – a movie director, musician, Creator of the micro-Kustendorf town (Drvengrad):

"So the city lived, it is important to identify three elements: energy basis, the concept and key urban activity. The city should be filled with a product of creation and culture. It is the high level of cultural activities will save the city. It is important to achieve harmony with nature," - said Kusturica.

Maxim Komarov – partner of the Forum, the founder of ICEBREAKER, and National centre for social and humanitarian projects:
"We told Emir Kusturica on the Forum of Living cities, and he decided to come to St. Petersburg to support this movement. According to the participants, Kusturica has become a real ogivale" Forum".

Among the outcomes of the foresight Strategic cities project "land without fences", the coefficient of mnogofunktsionalno environment, new ideas of education and environmental standards and more than 40 initiatives. The final results of the strategic foresight of the cities in the public space will be presented after additional work.

N. Novichkov — co-chair of the program Committee, Advisor to the Minister of culture of the Russian Federation, member of Expert Council under the RF Government:
"We live in a world where any idea is not formalized in a document, it is difficult implemented. The state heard us, on the foresight of the cities we began to form a coherent concept. Our hypotheses we will combine the results of the foresights and the strategic initiatives Agency and will receive a comprehensive study".

A report on practical recommendations on the comprehensive urban development will be represented at all levels of government - the Government of the Russian Federation, the state Duma and the Federation Council of the Russian Federation.
Vladislav Shulaev, Director for promotion of territories, Communication Agency AGT, an expert from the community "Living city":

"There is agreement on the submission of the report to heads of government agencies and ministries. This gives you the chance to affect positive change in cities across the country. And it is important this chance to use correctly".

Anatoly Kotov - the special representative of the Governor of St. Petersburg on issues of economic development:

"Professional knowledge, of course, important, but the basis of all lies in communication. The forum of Living cities offers a completely new idea and paradigm of the views of the city. We have specific recommendations on how to establish the principles of live communication".

In St. Petersburg was only the first stage of the Forum. The next step is planned in Moscow on July 21-22. The end of the III all-Russian forum of Living cities will be held in Izhevsk in the beginning of October, where it will start assembling all of the results of foresight, and there will be a National Final for the Nobel prize for the best replicable urban project. The organizers of the all-Russian Forum is a multidisciplinary community of experts "Live city" with the support of more than 100 partners from across the country.

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