And now SABRE Awards!

7 June 2016

And now SABRE Awards!

International children's social program of PJSC "Gazprom "Football for friendship" became the winner of SABRE Awards конкурса2016 EMEA industrial category of ENERGY AND NATURAL RESOURCES. Participants were evaluated by a jury of more than 40 industry leaders.The winners were selected from among 2400 nominations.

"Football for friendship" - a large-scale international social programme with an ever-expanding geography: over 4 years of implementation, starting from 2013,she's covered 34 countries in Europe,Asia, America and Africa.Global operator of the program in all countries is Communication group AGT (Russia).

As a socially responsible company, Gazprom seeks to contribute to creating a favourable environment for future generations. The program is designed "Football for friendship" is a unique platform, bringing together young football players from different countries, who act as ambassadors of the program and learn to promote basic human values amongst children.

"The stronger our lives will include the concept of social responsibility, the happier will be our life. It's amazing to see how simple steps lead to huge results. "Football for friendship" is about the understanding of responsibility for their future. During the implementation of the program was attended by children from 34 countries. The main goal of the program is the promotion of values important for the well-being of any society: friendship, justice, equality and peace. The receipt of this international award proves once again the importance of what we do," said Vladimir Serov, international, global head of social programs of OJSC "Gazprom" Football for friendship", Director of international communications of AGT group.

The program is actively supported by UEFA and FIFA leading soccer clubs on the planet, sports federations, public organizations, administrations of the cities and the governments of different countries.