«Norilsk Nickel» launches new brand

25 July 2016

«Norilsk Nickel» launches new brand

In the global market of nonferrous metals - the Russian company "Norilsk Nickel" - has presented the updated brand. A new brand platform, brand architecture and communication strategy developed Agency Brand Team, part of communications group AGT. Visual transformation – the development of a sign-and-brand-book - made the DDVB.

To rebrand the company decided for two reasons: owing to the major restructuring of business strategy and the desire to conform to modern trends.

The key meanings of the brand were "reliability" and "hope". Reliability represents the purpose of company-produced metals and the processes and people, and hope explains the source of energy for its development and indomitable spirit.

The work took place in a constructive interaction with the client - without their trust and participation, the project simply would not have taken place. Creative and professional working team DDVB - the brief was not simple, but they did great. The project lasted about a year.

the two components of the result - that managed to create an emotional story of hope (associated with the reliability of the old Russian word "reliable") and tell it in poetic form (perhaps this is the only idea in the world of the brand in verse) Second - almost literally visualize the idea of "making the world safer" - two hemispheres bonded stiffener. Thus creating a very simple, and therefore reliable and practical sign. – commented on the results of the project, managing partner at Brand Team Alexander Ermilov.