“AGT-South” has prepared a market study in the field of "Marketing/Advertising/PR" at the southern and North Caucasus Federal districts.

29 July 2016

“AGT-South” has prepared a market study in the field of "Marketing/Advertising/PR" at the southern and North Caucasus Federal districts.

To the PR-specialist Day service research portal on job search of personal HeadHunter (hh.ru) together with the communication Agency “AGT-South” has prepared a market study in the field of <Marketing/Advertising/PR> at the southern and North Caucasus Federal districts. Analysts hh.ru studied these areas for the 1st half of 2016 and find out in which cities the need for specialists the most relevant, what specializations are most in demand, what is the competition in the industry in the major cities of Southern Russia and what are the salary offers. The largest number of proposals in the field of <Marketing/Advertising/PR>, SFD and NCFD for the first six months of this year it was hosted in Krasnodar, Rostov-on-don, Volgograd, Sochi, Adler, Stavropol 69% of all posted vacancies hh.ru in this field in the 1st half of 2016, compared with the 1st half of last year the number of vacancies in the southern Federal district in the field of<Marketing/Advertising/PR> increased 1.2 times, and in skfo - 2 times. The average increase in the number of applicants for the 1st half of 2016 in the southern Federal district amounted to 20%, and in the North Caucasus Federal district by 28% compared to the same period last year. SFD employers most demand such specialization - PR and marketing communication, promotion and special events, Internet marketing. And specialization <PR and marketing communication> is 16% of all posted vacancies hh.ru in the field of SFD. In the district the top five in-demand specializations is similar, with the exception of Internet marketing, here it was replaced by the ability to plan and place advertising. In skfo specialization <PR and marketing communications>15% of the demand in the area.<The job of the PR specialist with the development of new technologies transformered and includes a complex of fundamentally different communication tools. The basic requirements of the employer, placed on the future of PR-specialist - high level of communication skills, relationships with the media and top bloggers, the understanding of the mechanisms of work in the new communications reality. Often to select the most efficient employee of the company offered to pass a test job before the invitation for an interview - save your time and communicating eventually with strong candidates with pumped competencies> - said Irina Veretennikova, Director of macro-region South of HeadHunter. The average proposed salary for PR specialists in the 1st half of 2016. according hh.ru made: in Krasnodar - 32 500 rbl., in Rostov-na-Donu - 30 000 roubles, in Volgograd - 28 000 rbl., Stavropol -20, 000. in Almost all the major cities of the South of Russia the average salary of a PR specialist 2 000-3 000 rubles. higher than the average income in the whole sector, with the exception of Stavropol, where the average market offer was 25000 RUB.

Work in the field of <Marketing/Advertising/PR>, SFD and NCFD mainly serves companies from industries such as <Retail trade>, <it/system integration, Internet services>, <Services>, <consumer Goods(non-food)>, <food>, <media, marketing, advertising, BTL, PR, design and production>.

“2016 year is, perhaps, one of the most significant years for the industry from the point of view of the occurring dynamic changes that reveal the professionalism of the players in this market. It is not enough to possess, even brilliantly, such skills as the ability <to sell> the information to the media or to successfully extinguish fires communication crises. Today You should hire Pokemon Go Expert with a corresponding entry in the workbook, even if You yourself only yesterday learned about the existence of this game, and the next day You have to put this employee tasks and monitor its effectiveness in the interest of the client or your internal customer. The current processes happening in the world affect all markets, including regional. Gone are the days when trends from the capitals reached the rest of the country for several months or even years. From professionals in the field of communications management as ever today requires versatility, flexibility, <the sixth sense> and the ability to quickly adapt to new communications realities. Well, as always, the biggest prizes take the best teams, because a large PR is a team game” - commented Yana Alekseeva, CEO "AGT-South", Executive Director of the award in the field of development of public relations “the Silver Archer” South.

Index HeadHunter (shows the ratio of the resume to number of vacancies) in the field <Marketing/Advertising/PR>, there is a shortage of personnel. So in skfo for the 1st half of 2016 on average by 1 position accounts 1 summary and SFD 2,3 summary on 1 position. The normal value for the labour market is considered 5-6 summary for 1 vacancy. Depending on the specific city HeadHunter has different index values, as in Krasnodar is higher than in other cities, and on average in the 1st half of 2016, were equal to 4.7, in Rostov-na-Donu - 2,7, in Volgograd - 2,3, in Stavropol and 1.8.

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