The regional final of the tournament "Leather ball" was held with the support of "AGT - Siberia"

26 July 2016

The regional final of the tournament "Leather ball" was held with the support of "AGT - Siberia"

The tournament "Leather ball – Coca Cola Cup" among the teams of the Siberian Federal district was held in Barnaul with the support of "AGT - Siberia".

From 14 to 19 July 2015 on the stadium of Alexei Smertin in Barnaul hosted the games of the 52nd tournament "Leather ball Cup of Coca-Cola". The competition was attended by 12 of the strongest football teams in the middle age group from schools and community centers in Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Omsk, Kemerovo and Irkutsk regions, the Altai territory, republics of Altai, Khakassia, Buryatia and Tuva. Media support of the tournament was carried out by the communication Agency "AGT-Siberia".

The final games were held July 19 at the stadium of Alexei Smertin in Barnaul. Match for first place took place between "Crystal" (Berdsk) and "the miner" (Cheremkhovo). The outcome of the game was the victory of FC "Shakhtar" with the score 1:0 over the defending Champions Russia Berdsk club "Crystal".

"The game was at a high level, we were technically superior to their rivals. Had four good chances which we squandered and our unfortunate mistake caused the loss. It is worth saying that we played against a team a year older, and the guys could play on our mistake," - said the coach of "Crystal" Rostislav Nikiforov.

The tournament received extensive coverage in the regional media, during the games the Leather ball out of 62 publications. In the tournament on 19 July the first of the final game and opened the team's Olympians and journalists of the Altai territory in a blitz match on mini-football. The result of strenuous games adults, won by the team of journalists of the Altai territory.

"Olympians and athletes, the idols of many kids of Altai Krai, has decided to support passing in these days of football matches in the framework of the tournament "Leather ball Cup of Coca-Cola". Blitz match of the Olympians with the Altai journalists was intended to inspire children who immediately after the match was found on the football field with each other in a fair game. Thus cheremkhovskaya team "Shakhtar" came out in the national games finals "Leather ball Cup of Coca-Cola" and try to win the title of Champions of Russia in Nizhny Novgorod from 7 to 16 August," says the head of the external relations and communications of Coca-Cola Hellenic Novosibirsk Marina Mokina.

"Leather ball" is the most famous and massive tournament for children's and youth football, it was created в1964 year at the initiative of famous Soviet goalkeeper Lev Yashin. Since 2009, the title partner of the competition was the company Coca-Cola Russia, and in 2013, the tournament bears the name of "Leather ball Cup of Coca-Cola". In total in the competition last year took part 537 thousand young football players from 40 thousand Russian schools.